Byron Alley

Consultant to startups and small businesses.


Byron doubled a startup's product revenue by advising a price change, helped a startup achieve a successful acquisition, and coached entrepreneurs into their first ventures or out of the brink of bankruptcy.

After years of running his own businesses and coaching entrepreneurs, he understands how to cut to the heart of a company's challenges by identifying clear next actions.

Full Stack Web Development

Byron develops web applications to achieve business goals.

Several of his business ventures have depended on the web applications he created, so he has a sincere understanding of his clients' needs as business owners. He uses lean and agile approaches to achieve a profitable site as quickly as possible, armed with two vital insights: the ROI is highest on the features that bring in sales, and second highest on the ones you never implemented in the first place.

Fountain pen


Byron writes to teach, persuade and sell, with expertise in technology and business.

Byron's work has been published in print as well as online, and he has managed an international remote team of technical writers. He's built his own businesses writing ad copy, blog articles, social media posts and newsletters, as well as attracting publicity with TV, radio and newspaper coverage. For his clients he writes ad copy, edits and ghost-writes articles to fit the voice of the business. Most importantly, he coaches clients on how to write their own blogs to connect with customers and drive more sales, using search engine-friendly text, more sizzle, and better calls to action.

Acrobatic dance move


Byron is a dance champion who spent years running dance schools and teaching American vernacular social dance styles like Lindy Hop, the Charleston, and West Coast Swing. He's coached champion teams and dancers, judged dozens of competitions, trained hundreds of dance teachers, performed in movies, on TV and on some of Canada's biggest stages, and run dozens of national and regional dance events.

He's also been hired to help dance organizations improve their teaching skills, community building, marketing and planning.

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