Byron Alley - Swing Dance Teaching Resume


Director and founder of Ottawa's new swing school, Swing Dynamite, Byron has been performing regularly since he joined Montreal's Montreal's Montreal's Swinging Air Force in 2001 during its first year of international competition.

Byron's dancing ranges from smooth to dynamic, often in the same dance. On the social dance floor he combines vintage Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues dancing, and Balboa with random stuff he makes up on the spot. He's known for his emphasis on connection, which enables him to pull off his random stuff with a maximum of comfort.

As a performer, Byron is known for fast dancing, slow blues dancing, and acrobatics. As choreographer he's created routines for numerous competitions and major performances including stage and film.


Teaching History

Choreography and Performance

Personal History

Byron has been swing dancing since 1998, and in 2001 he joined some friends in Montreal to become part of the Swinging Air Force dance troupe. After the troupe won 3rd place at the American Lindy Hop Championships, they decided to found a new company and start a dance school, Studio 88 Swing, to spread their vision of what these vintage dances can bring to people.


Byron started dancing because he believed it was important for a guy to know some form of partner dancing. Nowadays he's motivated by the music, the joy of movement, and the challenge of performance and competition, but he especially thrives on the interaction and creation with his partner.


Since 2001 Byron has performed in a large number of shows yearly. Here are some of the more memorable shows.

TV and Radio

Other Random Tidbits

Byron realizes it's ridiculous to write about himself in the 3rd person, but figures that with the whole vintage theme he should stick to tradition.